How to add ER Data Type

When you set Data Type to ER Entity’s attributes in Astah, you can choose it from the [Data Type] list in the [Base] tab of Attribute’s property view.









If you cannot find the one you want, you can always add from [ER Data Type] menu. Here is an example of adding one – [VARCHAR2].

■ Step

  1. Launch Astah and go to [Tool] – [ER Diagram] – [Set ER Data Type]






  3. Click [Add] on the [Set ER Diagram Data Type] dialog


  5. Enter [VARCHAR2] for Data Type Name and the click [OK]. You can set property for the length and precision of data too.







  7. That’s it. Now [VARCHAR2] is in the list!



Free Plug-ins you can use for ER diagrams in Astah

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