New Years Holiday Schedule

We will be closing our office for New years holidays.

smarter2 Holiday

Dec.29 (Thu) – Jan.3 (Tue)

We’ll resume our normal business on January 4th at 9:00 in Japanese Standard Time.


smarter2 Tech Support/License Transfer/Contact form during the Holiday

We will respond to all of the support requests, emails and orders on Jan.4. However our support staff will be monitoring all the emails and respond to the urgent matters.

Product Support / License Transfer / Contact Form


smarter2 About Purchase

Purchase is available from our Online Store, however Faculty Site Licenses and Academic Individual Licenses will be delivered on Jan.4 if the order came in during the holiday. So if you are planning to purchase/renew your Faculty Site License, please do so before December 28th!


smarter2 Students

If you manually request a free student license of Astah Professional during the holiday, you will receive the license on Jan.4. Please enjoy your vacations, I know some of you will spend your time playing video games online and getting elo boost services from ElitistGaming.



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