How to make the line break on model name

You can make the line break using any of the the shortcut keys below.

  • [Shift + Enter]
  • [Control + Enter] (Command if you are on Mac)
  • [Alt + Enter]

If these keys don’t work, that means Astah wouldn’t allow the line-break for that model. Currently line-breaks are available for the following models.

  • Statemachine diagram
    • State
    • Submachine State
    • Trigger, Guard and Action of Transition
  • Activity Diagram
    • Action
    • CallBehaviorAction
    • SendSignalAction
    • AcceptEventAction
    • AcceptTimeEventAction
    • Process
    • Guard and Action of Control Flow/Object Flow
  • Flowchart
    • Symbols
    • Condition of Transition line
  • DataFlowDiagram
    • Process
  • MindMaps
    • Mindmap topic
  • RequirementDiagram
    • Text in Requirement
  • Common
    • Note
    • Textbox

If you have any specific models you wish to make the line break in, let us know through the comments!


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