Updated to Astah 7.2 yet? Font Setting, Script Editor, auto-save and more!

We released the latest version of Astah 7.2 last month.
Have you all checked out what’s new in 7.2? Of course 7.2 brings many important bug-fixes but it has many powerful improvements to increase your productivity and make better diagram presentations more easily!

Here’re some new features in version 7.2!

Advanced Font Setting

In earlier versions, you were able to set font for all the objects but not for each object.
In 7.2, the font-set per object is finally available!

How to:

  1. Select an object you’d like to set font for
  2. Click [Set Font] button on the tool bar or go to [Edit] – [Set Font] from main menu
  3. Font Chooser opens, choose any font you’d like!

Script Editor

New “Script Editor” is where you can access Astah models via Scripting languages. What you can do is massive and powerful. You can edit models and also perform the functionalities that Astah’s built-in menu does not offer. For example, listing up all the models with specified keywords or conditions, renaming lifelines with related Actor’s type names, deleting specific models all once..etc. Various sample scripts are here to help you get started!

How to:

  1. Go to [Tools] – [Script Editor]
  2. Script Editor opens.
  3. Write scripts on the top field and click the arrow button or select [Action] – [Run].
  4. Result appears in the bottom field.


Auto-save your files!

Now Auto-save is available! You can focus on modeling without saving files manually or losing your work!

How to:

  1. Go to [Tools] – [System Properties] – [File], then set how frequently you want to save files.
  2. Switch the [Save] icon on the tool palette to turn on the auto-save mode.

Gap Expander/Remover

Now Gap Expander/Remover tool is available in all the diagrams except Mind Map. The more complex the diagram is, the more difficult to edit. This Gap Expander/remover tool will make it stress-free to edit complex existing diagrams!

How to:

  1. Let’s say you have a Statemachine diagram like below and want to insert a new state at where the arrow points.
  2. Click [Gap Expander] on the tool palette.
  3. Click at where you want to insert a new state and slide the objects down. Now you’ve created enough space to work on.
  4. After you finish adding a new state, you can use [Gap Remover] and slide all back to adjust the space.

Stereotype Visibility

Sometimes you want to hide stereotypes from the diagram. In earlier versions, there was a way to do so (right-click on a class and switch off “Stereotype Visibility” one by one). Now you can do this a lot quicker.

How to:

  1. Select a diagram and open its property view (left bottom pane)
  2. Choose [Initial Visibility] tab
  3. Check on/off “Class Stereotype” and click [Apply to existing elements] button.

If you want to hide all the stereotypes by default, go to [Tools] – [System Properties] – [Initial Visibility1] and turn off the stereotype and click [Apply] – [OK].

When you want to bring them again, you can always change it from diagram’s property.

Quick access to Plugins

[Plugins] menu is now on the main menu to let you quickly access our growing plug-in library.

  1. [Installed Plugins] opens a plug-in window to see your installed plug-in list.
  2. [Plugins Site] takes you to our plug-in library on your web browser.plugin3
  3. [Let’s Develop Plug-ins] opens a tutorial page for creating plug-ins on your web browser.

Experience Astah 7.2

If you have a license with active support or evaluating Astah:

If you have a license with non-active support:

If you are using Astah Community edition:
try pro

Astah Community 7.2, 7.1 and 7.0 are strictly prohibited to use for any commercial use, if you are using these editions, downgrade to Astah Community 6.9 immediately or consider purchasing Astah Professional – now we have a subscription license available only for USD 9.99/mo!
try pro  downgrade

Hope you like Astah 7.2! Get your work with Astah more effective and productive!


Astah Team

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