Have you ever used ”Gap Expander/Remover”?

When drawing diagrams, there are times you want to make some space between objects in order to add more objects or add space to make the diagram look good.

When that happens, remember to use the “Gap Expander/Remover” function. This enables you to move all the objects at once to edit diagrams more smoothly without “moving-objects-around” activity interrupting your creative mind and ideas.
If you have never used this function, try now!

Where you find these tools:

You can find [Gap Expander/Remover] tools on the tool palette, usually located 5th-6th from the right.

スクリーンショット 2018-01-22 17.42.01.png


Supported versions:

[Gap Expander/Remover] tools are available in Astah Professional version 7.0 or later for some diagrams. In the latest version, 7.2, these tools are available in all the diagrams except the Mind Map.

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