Share Modeled Diagrams with SVG format on Office documents

Happy New Year 2018!
I am Mit, a Product Owner of Astah.
How did you spend New Year? I hope your new year is filled with happiness.
I would like to introduce unknown tips as the first post in 2018.

Modeled Diagrams → SVG format → Office documents


Do you know that Astah can output diagrams as images? I think many people use output images on documents such as specifications and presentations. At this time, you often want to enlarge and display the image, but if you enlarge a raster format image such as PNG or JPEG, the image quality will degrade and it will be hard to see.

From Office 2016, it is possible to insert SVG format image files into Office documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint. SVG is a vector type image. The image quality is preserved even if it is enlarged. Astah can output diagrams with SVG format. It is now possible to share modeled diagrams on Office documents without worrying about image quality. Please use this!


* SVG format image output is available in all editions except Astah Community.

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