Update diagrams inserted in Office document ~MS Office Integration Plug-in~

IMG_1546Hi, I am Mit, the product owner of Astah.
I pass through in front of a university on my way to our office every day.
A lot of cherry blossoms are blooming around there. They are beautiful, aren’t them.
You can also see cherry blossoms in the startup screen of Astah during April.

Now, I introduce “MS Office Integration Plug-in”.
In Astah, it is possible to copy and paste all or part of diagrams as an image into documents, but it is necessary to replace the image each time the model diagram is modified. I think some feel annoying it.

office連携1With this plug-in, you can update modified diagrams in Office documents.
The operational process is as follows.

  1. Add model diagram created with Astah to Office document.
  2. Modified diagrams with Astah.
  3. Update diagram in Office document.


office連携2In addition, you can also open from the menu on the Office to view and edit the diagram inserted in Office with Astah. Since it is not necessary to search a corresponding diagram, it is a useful function especially when a large number of diagrams are created.

The installation and detailed usage of this plug-in are described URL below, so please take a look and use it!
About MS Office Integration Plug-in

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