Increase your efficiency by using [Map View] for your diagramming

Astah has keyboard shortcuts to zoom in/out diagrams on the Diagram Editor which is helpful enough but if you learn how to use [Map View], diagramming will be much easier especially when you are working on a large diagram.

■ What is [Map View]?

[Map View] is this mini map in the middle pane on the left of Astah. (If you are using Astah Professional 7.1 or later or Astah Community Edition, you will find it in the left top pane under [Map] Tab).


■ How to work with [Map View]?

This Map View shows your whole diagram that is currently opened in the Diagram Editor. The yellow rectangle is an area that is appearing on the Diagram Editor. So just by moving and resizing this yellow rectangle, you can get the part of diagram you want to show on the Diagram Editor.

■ Move Map by drag

Let’s drag the yellow rectangle. Diagram area will move along with it.

■ Crop it to show on the Diagram Editor

You can create a yellow rectangle by right-drag to crop anywhere on your diagram in any size.

■ Hide Map View

Since version 7.1, Map View has its own view in Astah. But if you are not going to use it much often or you want to expand the “property view” which is the left-bottom pane where you add detailed properties to the objects. You can put the Map View back in the tab. To do so,

  1. Go to [Tools] – [System Properties]
  2. [System Properties] dialog opens, choose [Project View] from left menu
  3. Take the check off from the [Show Map view below the Project view (Restarting Astah is required)] and click [Apply] – [OK].
  4. Restart Astah, then the [Map View] will be included in the top-left pane with [Tab]



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