Do you know Astah API?

Hi! I am Lily, one of the Astah developers!

Did you ever wish to do something like….

  • manage all the model information using spreadsheet software
  • delete model elements in specified conditions from all the diagrams at once
  • import models created in other tools into Astah..

Using Astah API makes it all possible. With Astah API, you can add customized features that Astah doesn’t have it built-in and also make it possible to integrate with other applications that you are using.

For instance, DB Reverse Plugin creates ER model using API based on table information of connected database,  the State Transition Table Plug-in automatically generates state transition tables by reading the states and transition information from Astah’s Statemachine diagram using API.

Most plug-ins provide here use API. But you can also use your program without creating Plug-in. You can make it to read and write information of Astah project without running the Astah UI, here are the samples.

If you are interested in using Astah API, read further documents!

Want to make a Plug-in?

Want to use Astah API

Astah Version Astah API User Guide Java Doc
7.2【Latest version】 Astah API User Guide Java Doc
7.1 Astah API User Guide Java Doc
7.0 Astah API User Guide Java Doc

Start experimenting API

If you want to start experimenting, stat with Script Editor, which enables you to access Astah models with API with scripting language. (If you are using the latest version of Astah Professional, this is pre-installed. Otherwise, install.)

script-editor-2Advantage of this Script Editor is that you do not need to compile and just do with scripting language in this window. It is the best start to explore the ability of Astah API.



Hope this article made you want to start using API! If you make any Plug-ins or sample scripts, please share it with us! Also anyone who makes Astah Plug-ins can apply for “Friends of Astah“.


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