How to communicate model modifications

Hi, I am Mit, Astah product owner.
Did everyone have a good start of the year?
The Winter Olympic Games is coming soon. I am looking forward to seeing lots of exciting scenes.

This time, I would like to introduce one inquiry we received the other day.
The inquiry was as follows.
“Is there any good way to tell other members when there were changes on the designs and how those are the changes with Astah?”

I think there are various ways and I replied to the customer with the following methods. Some of them can be also used to communicate the explanation of the models such as architecture’s intentions of the designs to the others.

Use Compare project function

Astah has a functionality to “compare” projects. With this, you can see and check the differences of the models before-after the modification. You can also check the differences the diagrams visually.
Note: Compare project is in Astah Professional edition only.
For details, please see Astah Reference Manual.

Use Mind map

Write the contents of the modifications using Mind MapModified Models Ver2.0 and add hyperlinks to modified models to each mind map node. You can categorize and list modifications and also jump to the modified models from the mind map topic.

Use Bookmark plugin

You can record the modifications and mark them as bookmark.
Added bookmarks are listed in the bookmark view, and you can jump to the modified model from the bookmark list. It is good to describe the contents of the change in the bookmark description. But with current plug-in, the description fields won’t let you write long texts, so it may be better to write the content in the Note element and set bookmark on it.
For details, please refer to About Bookmark Plug-in

I think there are many other ways, so please share your methods with us if you have good ones!

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