Create index of diagrams

Hi, I am Mit, a product owner of Astah.
In Japan we had heavy snow this winter and had no choice but to stay at home for several days. How was it in your area?artifact-menu

Well, this time I introduce you the method to create and navigate the index of artifacts (diagrams) with Astah. We call it “Artifact Map”.
You can create “Artifact Map” from the project model context menu at the top of the structure tree.

And here is the Artifact Map of the Sample.asta project that comes with the installer.



The structure tree plays a similar role, but the “Artifact Map” has the following advantages.

  • Good visibility
    It is displayed in a wide area. Moreover, it has only the models that own diagrams.
  • Changeable location
    In the structure tree, it is necessary to add numbers as prefixes, but you can move to any location in Artifact Map.
  • Additional information
    You can give additional information you want to give.
  • Change font and color
    With font and color, you can emphasize the information you want to communicate.
  • Open diagrams with hyperlinks
    You can access artifacts by double clicking the hyperlink icon.

What do you think? Why do not you use “Artifact Map” for reference by yourself or for sharing with stakeholders such as collaborators.

Note: Creating “Artifact Map” is in Astah Professional.


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