Astah UML Edition will be back, for Students first!

We’re excited to make an announcement that Astah UML edition will be coming back this fall after 5 years of maintenance.

blubar-big  What is Astah UML edition?

question    Astah UML  is a middle edition between Astah Community and Astah Professional.
It supports UML diagrams and Mind Map. It has code-generation abilities but not team-development features except merge function. A perfect and light-weight option for a personal use or team use who do not non-UML extra diagrams such as ER diagram, Flowchart and collaborating features.


blubar-big  We start providing for Students first

reading    We start providing this Astah UML edition for students from May 25th.
Any students who have been using Astah Professional with free student licenses will need to renew their license by refilling out the form here. Anyone who applied from May 25th will given a free student license for Astah UML edition.


blubar-big  Compatibility with Astah Professional?

file   There is a file compatibility between Astah UML and Astah Professional.
So all the existing files you’d created with Astah Professional can be imported in Astah UML but you won’t be able to edit ER diagrams, Flowcharts that are NOT SUPPORTED in Astah UML. Those diagrams will be opened as read-only.


blubar-big  What if I want to edit diagrams I created with Astah Pro?

cart    In that case, please purchase license. We have reasonable academic licensing options.
If you need one for yourself, purchase Astah Professional Academic License ($40 / 30 Euro).
If you and your classmates need Astah Professional, ask your teachers to purchase a department-wide license called “Astah Faculty Site License” ($750 / 585 Euro).

blubar-big  Release & Pricing

We plan to release Astah UML in this fall and we’ll announce the licensing & pricing information when it becomes available.

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime!



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