Silent install Astah

Did you know that we provide academic discount for academic users? We have academic personal license and a site-wide license for academic institutions.

With flat late, all the teachers and students in licensed department can use Astah not only with school PC but also on personal laptops! Student users of our product are increasing since we provide free student licenses. However there is a difference between the student license and paid licenses. The former provides only UML diagrams and the latter provides more diagram types such as Flowchart, ER Diagram, Data Flow Diagram and so on.

Recently we receive many questions from site-wide license users about how to silent install Astah at their site. You can execute the following command on the Command Prompt to silent install Astah.  

Silent install Astah Professional 7.2 to C:\Program Files\astah-professional

astah-professional-7_2_0-1ff236-jre-64bit-setup.exe /verysilent   

Silent install Astah Professional 7.2 to a specific folder

astah-professional-7_2_0-1ff236-jre-64bit-setup.exe /verysilent /DIR=%destination of the install folder%  

In general, license can be installed by directly saving the license file (.xml) in the installation folder. But you will have to rename it before you do in case you have a faculty site license. For details, please check out this FAQ.

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