Use Mind Map in Astah

I have summarized past articles about the functions that are helpful to when using Mind Map.
Mind Map can be used for various purposes such as for meeting and extracting keywords from Spec sheets.
Among these purposes, Mind Map is often used as a tool to bring out and organize thoughts and ideas.

Mind Map is a diagram that is comparatively used more overall diagrams in Astah.
On the other hand, there are many useful functions that are not known.
So I would like you to check basic functions from the following articles.

■How to use Mind Map with Astah

■Convert Mind Map to UML and other diagram models

Mind Map topics can be easily converted to UML or other diagram models using the drag-and-drop interface in Astah. Gather User Requirements with a Mind Map and then create a UseCase Diagram based on them, or brainstorm using a Mind Map and create a conceptual Class Diagram, etc.

スクリーンショット 2018-07-24 17.27.37.png

■Astah Mind Maps and Microsoft Office Tools

You can add following Plug-ins for Mind Map on free.

・FreeMind map import
>Import existing FreeMind Maps to Astah.

>The plugin converts models on Class diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Block Definition diagrams and Mindmaps created in Astah Products to GSN (Goal Structuring Notation) models.

・JIRA Mindmap planner for Astah
>The JIRA Mindmap Planner for Astah imports JIRA issues into a Mind Map. By changing the root of a Mind Map, you can see many different viewpoints and view your project as a whole.


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