New Version of Astah is comming soon!

Hi there,
I am Mit, the product owner of Astah.
Thank you for using Astah.

We are planning to release the next version of Astah on September 26, 2018.
I introduce the main contents about it to you.

First, we will release a new edition “Viewer” for license free. As its name suggests this is a viewer. You can browse and search diagrams and models. Note that printing and API/plug-ins can not be used with it.

Next, we will support floating licenses. Within license count, multiple unspecified users can  use simultaneously. We will be on sale from 1 license.

Then, for professional and UML, we will do the following enhancement.

  • Improvement of operability
    • Easy to resize elements
    • Easy to change connected lines
    • Easy to move overlapping elements
    • Draw suggest button does not interfere with editing elements
    • Easy to push a draw suggest button
    • Container elements, such as a package and state, can be selected when clicking on a position that does not hit the child
    • Self-association and self-transition can be made in any direction
    • In the activity diagram, the state machine diagram, and the flowchart, elements can be inserted between the connected elements
  • Wrap message of sequence diagram and communication diagram
  • Enter line break in use case
  • When foreign key of ER diagram is selected, highlighting relation lines and attributes between corresponding entities
  • Toggle display of notes
  • Performance improvement of state machine diagram
  • Search by stereotype
  • Improvement UI of source code input and output

Other improvements and bug fixes are also made.

What do you think about it? We will continue to improve Astah. We are happy to have  your request at any time so please tell us.

Well then, please wait for a while until you can use it.

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