Improvement on creating action and mind map topic

Hi there,
I am Mit, the product owner of Astah.
Thank you for using Astah.
This summer is too hot in Japan! I was exhausted. How was your August?

Following last time, this time I will tell you additional two improvements.

The first is about the width of a created action. In 7.2, when you create an action, the width of it is fixed width. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust size after that. In 8.0, the width is adjusted according to description content. If you think that it is too wide, you can set it to any width by entering a line feed.


The same correspondence is also done to flow chart.

The second is about the width of a created mind map topic. When you create a mind map topic by copying text from the web etc for taking a memo. However, the text to be copied is often long sentences. In 7.2, it is necessary to adjust the width after creation, as topics with long width is created. In 8.0, you can specify the maximum width of the topic, so that even if you copy long text, it is possible to prevent it from becoming a too long topic.


Although the above two improvements are similar scenes, we improve them in different way. As both are frequently used operations, I think that it is modest but effective improvement.

We will show you release note for next version on release date. In addition, we will mention more detail in this blog.

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