with which Java?

Hi there,
This is Mit, a product owner of Astah.
I think December is one of the busiest period in a year, right?
I hope that we can make a good preparation for the coming year!

This time I will explain the policy of Astah due to license change of Oracle JavaSE.

Astah runs with Oracle JavaSE.
Now, The LTS of Oracle JavaSE is Java8 and Java11.
The public update of Java8 for commercial use will be finished in January 2019, for Java 11 It is charged.

So, we have decided to adopt AdoptOpenJDK 8 as a runtime environment in viewpoint of the availability of the public support and its period, supported OS, CPU architecture. We are testing to release Astah professional / UML / Viewer that bundled AdoptOpenJDK 8 as a runtime environment in late January 2019. Note: It is also possible to use the old version of Astah as it is.
We will also release SysML, GSN, think! sequentially.
After that, we will replace Java 8 to Java 11 or later as a runtime. We will select a vendor again with judging the trend at the time.

We are preparing that you can use Astah with confidence.

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