Next version of Astah Pro/UML coming in January, 2019

We’ve decide to release the next version of Astah Professional and UML in January, 2019.
We cannot reveal all the details yet but will announce two important updates that will be included in the next version and how to update when it becomes available.


smarter21  1. Oracle JRE no longer Bundled

Due to the end of public updates of Oracle Java SE 8, we will be switching the runtime environment from Oracle JRE to AdoptOpenJDK8. Astah’s product owner wrote about this in another blog post.


smarter21  2. Slow-to-open .asta file problem will be fixed

The slow to load .asta file problem will be fixed – we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


smarter21  How to update?

We’ll be sending you the newsletter when a new version is available. So if you aren’t signed up yet, subscribe to our newsletter now!

If you are using a perpetual license, you can update to the new version if your support period covers January 30th, 2019.  (How to check your license info)

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 20.30.31.pngIf your license support is no good, you can renew it with Support Renewal License. You can renew it even after it’s been expired over a year.

To continue using Astah in a safe and secure environment, update to new version next month. 🙂

– Satomi

5 thoughts on “Next version of Astah Pro/UML coming in January, 2019

  1. I was versy sad to see that you dont have a way to share to LinkedIn.
    All the best for this project. I have been following it for over 10 years…

  2. I`m try use astah professional on windows 10 OS ,The softwore font display error ,I tried reinstalling but it didn’t work 。Can someone help me?

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