[New] button to add Operation for Messages gets disabled in Sequence Diagram


Product and version

Astah Professional, UML and Viewer Version 8.0 and 8.1


There is a regression in a Sequence diagram that a [New] button to add Operation for Messages gets disabled by following the step below:

  1. Click a Message in a Sequence Diagram.
  2. [New] button in the [Operation] field is active if the message doesn’t have any Operation been set.
  3. Open the drop-down list and choose “Unspecified”.
  4. [New] button is disabled even it is in the same condition – the operation is “unspecified”.
  5. Sequence-Message2


Release the Message and select it again will make the [New] button active again.

Plan to fix

Will fix in the next update which we plan in this Fall.


Bug ID



Thank you very much Randal for reporting this bug!

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