Code Generation from UML/SysML with “M Plus Plug-in”

You can generate the source code from UML diagrams using Astah’s built-in features. Also, there are several great source code generation tools available as plug-ins.
Today, I’d like to introduce one of them called M Plus plug-in which was just updated last Friday (August 27th, 2021).

What is M Plus plug-in?

M Plus was developed by one of Astah users, Takaaki Teshima in 2017.
It started as a simple C++ source code generator specially designed for students he was teaching the Model-driven development(MDD) to. There were no easy automated code generator tools for them to use back then so he decided to create one by himself.
Four and a half years later, M Plus is no longer a simple code generator. It has grown to be a versatile and powerful tool with enhanced code-generation abilities and increased functionalities that are very useful for all the software designers.

Four key features

Here are the four functionalities that the latest version of M Plus offers:

Code Generation

You can generate source code in 14 different languages from UML/SysML diagrams. Learn More

Model Preview

You can quickly open a model preview focusing on a specific model or per package to see the whole structure. Learn More

Diagram Map

You can display all the diagrams in one place and trace models easily across diagrams. Learn More

Relationship Matrix

You can see relationships between selected structural elements in a matrix format with a filter of relationship types. Learn More

If you are interested in trying out these features, M Plus is completely free.
Also, in order to use M Plus, you need a UML modeling tool – Astah. If you don’t have it yet, you can download a 20-day free trial.

Wide range of supported languages &
GoF Design Patterns Examples

M Plus allows you to generate code in the following languages and the M Plus author has published design patterns examples for the most languages. If you are interested in mapping out UML models with code and trying Model-driven development using M Plus, these design patterns examples will surely help you.

You can also access these examples from the author’s website gallery. These examples include Sequence diagrams which is rare to see in design patterns examples. So hope you will enjoy. The author has Q&A forum in his website. So if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to let him know through the forum.

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