Announcing our sponsorship of MODELS 2021!

Change Vision is happy to announce that we are sponsoring the MODELS 2021.

MODELS (Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems) is the premier conference series for model-based software and systems engineering. Since 1998, MODELS has covered all aspects of modeling, from languages and methods, to tools and applications.

This international conference will be taking place in about two weeks – Starting on 10th October. The venue was supposed to be in Japan where Change Vision is located. However, the conference had to be shifted to a virtual format of course – same as last year. It is unfortunate that we cannot meet all the participants in person, but we are very proud to be sponsoring this event as a long-term tool vendor of UML and SysML modeling tools – “Astah”. We are a group of engineers who believe in the power of modeling and we’re excited to hearing numerous insightful sessions at this event.

Looks like the registration is still open if you are interested in attending this event.
About Registration:

Lightweight integration of MBSE and model-checking

On the 3rd day of this event, Toshinori Takai from Change Vision will be giving a talk on the “Lightweight integration of MBSE and model-checking”. In this session, he will be probably touching a topic of our MBSE tool – Astah System Safety abit.
So if you are already attending MODELS 2021, come to his session on October 13th.
You can check the time on the program here.


Although model-checking is a powerful formal method with matured tools, there are some issues when applying it to industrial system developments, e.g. the state explosion problem, specifying verification formulas. On the other hand, industries facing difficulties in developing IoT, autonomous, or cyber-physical systems are trying to adopt model-based systems engineering(MBSE). In this presentation, we show possibilities that applying model-checking in the context of MBSE can cover up the issues of model-checking and enjoy the benefits of model-checking.

In case you wonder what Astah System Safety is.. here’s a demo video:

If you cannot watch this video, watch on BiliBili.

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